Key role of ‘Dawn Leaks’: once again dynamic for anti-Pakistan

28 May, 2018 8:20 am

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Pakistani Journalist and columnist for Dawn Cyril Almeida, who also involved in Dawn leaks, once again dynamic against anti-Pakistan, he wrote another article in local English newspaper.

In his article, Cyril abused the Pakistani politicians, saying that there are 20 people are in queue to become the prime minister of Pakistan. He wrote that these people, who want to become the prime minister, are also ready to sell their mother for acquiring the seat of prime minister.

After the article of Cyril in the Dawn News, many questions have been aroused in the surface. Who is behind the Cyril Almeida and Daily Dawn? Why the slogans raisers of “respect to vote” were silent on this article.

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