KMC employee commits suicide by jumping from Civic Centre

24 Oct, 2016 6:28 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – A worker of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) committed suicide by jumping from the 4th storey of Civic Centre in Karachi.

Muhammad Iqbal went to Civic Centre at 11am on Monday for receiving his pension but he got the same answer. Out of great ordeal, he committed suicide.

The suicide of the 60-year-old KMC worker raised questions about the performance of the institutions.

Muhammad Iqbal was a resident of a backward area of Landhi Mansehra Colony. He retired from KMC’s Health Department in 1999. He had been struggling to get his pension for a few years.

The police officials on the scene said that the reason of suicide was something else according to the officers.

KMC Director General Nasir Abbas said that as per the information he had received, the pension was being paid to Muhammad Iqbal but he was not getting it due to a conflict with the bank.

Whereas, Iqbal’s daughter said that her father committed suicide due to non-corporative attitude of the officers.

He had not received the incremented amount of pension for three years and when my brother applied for the job on ‘son quota’, the officers demanded a bribe, she added.

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