Lahore observes load-shedding on fourth consecutive day

04 Aug, 2018 11:48 am

LAHORE (92 News) – Lahore observed a major power breakdown on the fourth consecutive day as the increase in demand of electricity in the country, the power shortfall has reached 3000 megawatt.

A prolonged breakdown was observed in numerous areas including Iqbal Town, Islampura, Rehmanpura, Muslim Town, Ichra, Wahdat Road and many other areas of the Lahore.

LESCO authorities closed their contact number over prolonged load-shedding. A major power crisis hit Lesco for many hours forcing people to bear the hot and humid conditions. The citizens are facing many troubles due to the prolonged load-shedding.

Earlier, the LESCO authorities said that the technical fault that occurred last night has been controlled whereas the power shutdown is happening as a result of usual technical faults.

The overall demand of electricity is 21,000MW while the production is 18,000MW. LESCO is facing a 550MW power shortage due to which several areas of Lahore are undergoing three to six hours of announced loadshedding.

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