Law-enforcement agencies arrests Indian spy in Cholistan operation

29 Jul, 2015 8:00 am

RAHIM YAR KHAN (92 News) – Law-enforcement agencies have arrested an Indian spy during an operation in Cholistan area on Wednesday.

Law-enforcement agencies conducted an operation in Cholistan’s village Chak 54 and arrested an Indian spy namely Jumma Khan.

Jumma Khan was living in the area for a couple of years, while his visa was expired last year on May 10, 2014.

After the expiry of his visa Jumma Khan went on hiding and was found involved in suspicious activities.

Jumma Khan was married to the daughter of an area resident namely Misri Khan and have 2 children.

Jumma Khan belongs to Jaisalmer area of Indian state Rajasthan.

Law-enforcement agencies shifted the accused to Airport Police Station and registered a case under Foreigners Act.

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