Liam Gallagher mocks absent Noel at premiere of Oasis film

04 Oct, 2016 10:02 am

LONDON – Liam Gallagher, the brash frontman of British rock band Oasis, continued his sibling feud by mocking brother Noel for missing the world premiere of ‘Supersonic’, a documentary about the Manchester group.

The film, which shares its title with Oasis’s 1994 debut single, charts the band’s rise to fame with hits including “Live Forever” and “Wonderwall” before they split in 2009 when singer-songwriter Noel quit the group following a row with Liam.

The brothers have traded insults ever since and younger sibling Liam was again disparaging when asked if Noel would be joining him on the red carpet in London on Sunday.

“No he’s probably in, like I said before, one of his really…really, really, really, really, really, really big houses, eating tofu and having a face peel. Isn’t that right? Man of the people,” Liam, 44, told Reuters. -Reuters

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