Libyan forces say Islamic State beaten back in Sirte

30 Aug, 2016 10:18 am

SIRTE, LIBYA – Libyan forces said they captured a residential neighborhood in central Sirte from Islamic State on Monday, leaving just one district of the city still occupied by the militants.

Spokesman Rida Issa said Sirte’s neighborhood Number One was “completely liberated”, but added that the brigades, backed by US air strikes, were “in the process of clearing any remnants of Daesh (Islamic State)” from the area.

For more than three months, brigades aligned with Libya’s UN-backed government have been battling to oust Islamic State from Sirte, a coastal city that the militant group turned into a regional stronghold last year.

The United States began an air campaign over Sirte on Aug. 1, and had by Sunday carried out 92 strikes against Islamic State.

Militants have defended themselves with suicide bombers, snipers and mines, inflicting heavy casualties on brigade fighters. At least six brigade members were killed and 12 wounded on Monday, according to hospital officials.

The latest gains came after the brigades made significant advances on Sunday in which 35 of their men were killed and more than 200 wounded.

Many of the latest casualties were caused by mines, car bombs or artillery fire, according to hospital officials and brigade fighters.

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