Macron seeks climate action after US withdrawal from Paris accord

12 Dec, 2017 5:18 pm

PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron is urging wealthy countries and global companies to commit more funds to combating global warming and help poorer nations deal with the impact of climate change.

The French leader is hosting the “One Planet” summit two years after nearly 200 governments agreed in Paris to end their heavy reliance on fossil fuels and limit further global warming.

Macron wants to show that progress toward those hard-fought goals is being made after President Donald Trump said in June that he was taking the United States out of the pact.

Trump’s decision to withdraw was a “deep wake-up call for the private sector” to take action, he said.

“If we decide not to move and not change our way to produce, to invest, to behave, we will be responsible for billions of victims,” Macron told U.S. television channel CBS News in an interview broadcast on Monday night.

Though Macron has said that concrete projects with real financing behind them are lacking, no internationally binding commitments will be announced at the summit.

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