Magicians seek to amaze with tricks at London ‘Impossible’ show

29 Jul, 2015 10:00 am

LONDON – Grand illusions, mind readings and death-defying escapology come to London this summer in a magic show billed as “the biggest in decades” in the British capital.

Running for five weeks, “Impossible” will seek to wow audiences with its line-up of magicians, tricksters and daredevil performers at its West End venue, close to where escape artist Harry Houdini once performed for London crowds.

“My job can be very dangerous … In ‘Impossible’ I’m completely on fire, I shoot crossbows on the stage,” daredevil stunt performer Jonathan Goodwin told Reuters.

“The audience are going to be in for a big surprise … There hasn’t been a stage show like this in London for a very long time.”

His co-star Ali Cook follows in Houdini’s footsteps in the show by freeing himself from handcuffs and a neck brace while in a water tank.

“For some reason (magic) is back. It’s really popular not just here but around the world. There’s a lot of big magic shows just touring the whole world at the moment” Cook said.

“No one has seen (magic) for a long time so it’s like it’s new again … One of the rare things that magic can do is make … you feel amazed … I think that’s why people are seeking that out again.”

“Impossible” runs at the Noel Coward Theater until August 29. – Reuters

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