Marilyn Manson honored with Kerrang! lifetime achievement award

13 Jun, 2015 1:50 am

LONDON – American shock rocker Marilyn Manson has been honored with a lifetime achievement prize at Britain’s Kerrang! Awards for a musical career spanning over two decades.

The four-time Grammy nominee, whose real name is Brian Warner, is known for his controversial stage persona, gothic-inspired black outfits and heavy makeup.

Asked if, at the age of 46, he still had a hard-living lifestyle, Manson held up his fist covered in scratches.

“I don’t drink absinthe anymore only because it had too much sugar in it so it made me too hyper,” he said at the awards ceremony in London on Thursday night.

“I need to calm down, so I just switched to marijuana and vodka, yeah, that’s sober for me.”

Manson, who rose to fame in the 1990s and released his ninth studio album “The Pale Emperor” in January, said the accolade from British rock magazine Kerrang! was important to him as many of his influences were from the UK.

“Most of the music that’s inspired me – goth music, glam music, it all originated from here so there’s a power and an energy that comes from this part of the world and Kerrang! magazine has really exemplified that,” he said.

Fellow shock rocker Alice Cooper, 67, was also honored with the Kerrang! legend award.

“You know it’s always funny – the more legend awards you get, the closer you get to the grave, I guess,” he said. “I am going full strength right now so it’s great to get these while you’re alive, I’d hate to get them after you’re dead.”

Other winners included British heavy metal band Judas Priest who took the Inspiration Award. –Reuters

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