Mike Pompeo hopes Pakistan to achieve goal set by US

24 Oct, 2018 8:05 am

WASHINGTON (92 News) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hoped Pakistan will achieve goal which was set for them.

While talking to the press briefing, the US secretary of state once again alleged that Pakistan is providing safe harbour to terrorists on its western border.

Pompeo mentioned that he met with Pakistani leaders a few weeks ago, and the US has made it clear to Pakistan that its South Asia policy has not changed.

“Our expectation is that Pakistan will not provide safe harbour to terrorists on their western border,” Pompeo said, to a question when asked about Islamabad’s role.

“Everyone wants reconciliation in Afghanistan and to achieve that, you can’t have a safe harbour for Taliban, for Haqqani and for others inside of Pakistan. Hope Pakistan achieves goal we have set for them,” he stated.

It is pertinent to mention here that President Donald Trump’s administration last month cut $300 million in military aid to Pakistan. Pakistan has said that it has paid a heavy price internally for fighting militants and that it can help bring the Taliban to the table.

A Taliban delegation earlier this month met in Qatar with a US envoy. Prime Minister Imran Khan is a longstanding supporter of negotiations to end the war in Afghanistan, where the United States has been deployed since 2001.


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