Modi decides not to review Indus Waters Treaty, expedite work on three dams

26 Sep, 2016 6:22 pm

NEW DELHI (92 News) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the advice of his advisers, has decided not to review the Indus Waters Treaty with Pakistan, but decided to expedite work on three dams in order to stop the water of the Chenab River.

The decision was made during a meeting to review the Indus Waters Treaty on Monday.

The dams – Pakal Dul, Sawalkot and Barsa – will be constructed as per the decision.

Experts say India will have to pay the price for cancelling the Indus Waters Treaty.

They are of the view the Indus River originates from China, not India, and it will be deprived of 36 percent of water if it diverted the Indus River.

Moreover, China holds the control of the Brahmaputra River, which is the most important source of water for India.

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