Modi govt exposed worldwide as British journal makes headline ‘Intolerant India’

Intolerant india Worldwide extremist Modi hinuvuat The Economist British Journal
24 Jan, 2020 1:07 pm

LONDON (92 News) – The extremist and bias government led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exposed worldwide as the British journal ‘The Economist’ made headline “Intolerant India”.

In a review of the BJP government’s policies in the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act, The Economistpublished from London – article stated that Modi is apparently trying to transform India from a tolerant, multi-religious place into a chauvinist Hindu state.

The article termed the Citizenship Amendment Act as NDA government’s most ambitious step yet in a decades-long project of incitement. It added that the government’s policies may have helped the Narendra Modi to win elections but the same have proven to be political poison for the country.

The review further mentioned that the Indian government wanted to divert the attention of people from worse economic situation and other matters through these steps.

The British journal made a headline that Narendra Modi stokes divisions in the world’s biggest democracy.


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