Modi’s foreign policy raises doubts about India’s credibility internationally: Hindustan Times

25 Aug, 2015 2:42 pm

NEW DELHI (92 News) – Days after planned NSA talks between India and Pakistan collapsed amidst intense acrimony, the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times said that the Modi’s foreign policy, evokes concerns about what this means for the future and raises doubts about the credibility of India’s narrative internationally.

In an opinion published in the Hindustan Times, it said that the Modi government’s policy is generating toxic effects in Indian society and on its public sphere rather achieving any strategic objective with Pakistan.

The newspaper said that the public diplomacy agenda of projecting Modi and NSA Ajit Doval as strongmen was on, was there any surprise that Islamabad would trot out a meeting with Kashmiri separatists to burnish its own moral credentials by insisting on the ‘core issue’?

“If terrorism was the only agenda of the NSA talks then how could it be thought that a country would hold dialogues, just to listen blames on it,” the newspapers said.

“If Indian policymakers argue that Pakistan does not deserve such courtesies as it exports terror, then why bother with Ufa in the first place?”

The newspaper warned Modi government of any activity in Pakistan, adding that it will be difficult for Indian commandos or planes to return.

“In the aftermath of any major terrorist strike, India will have to rely on the Americans and the international community to defuse tensions, who will no doubt point out privately that India initiated this round of recriminations starting with the calling off of foreign secretary talks last August,” the newspaper added.

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