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Motorway gang-rape accused Shafqat confesses to crime

Motorway gang-rape accused Shafqat confesses to crime
September 15, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) - An accomplice of the prime suspect in the motorway gang-rape case has confessed to his crime and key suspect Abid Ali is still at large. According to the Punjab Police, Shafqat's DNA matches with the samples taken from the scene of the crime. Startling revelations regarding the motorway gang rape incident emerged today as police probed an accused Shafqat who confessed to his role in the horrific incident, along with an absconding co-accused Abid, that shock the entire nation. Minutes after news broke about Shafqat's arrest, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar confirmed that the man's DNA had matched with the sample obtained from the rape survivor and that he had confessed to the crime. "Our entire team is constantly trying to arrest the accused Abid Ali, whose arrest is expected soon, God willing," Buzdar said on Twitter. Shafqat is the second suspected rapist apart from Abid Ali and Waqarul Hassan Shah and Abbas were not suspects anymore. They added that Shafqat was a habitual offender and had been involved in crimes in the past as well. They said Waqar claimed that Abid had links to Shafqat and his brother-in-law, Abbas, the latter of whom has been detained. Shafqat was then arrested from Dipalpur after being traced through his phone SIM card. The DNA samples obtained from Shafqat were sent to the laboratory for testing. Shafqat in his statement to police said that they spent the next day after the motorway gang-rape incident in the Qila Sattar Shah area of Sheikhupura district. “The next day, I went to Dipalpur while Abid went to meet his father in Manga Mandi.” “We made a contact last time three days ago,” he confessed. Since it was not their first such criminal activity, Shafqat told the investigators during the probe that they also tried to sexually assault a woman during a robbery bid in Sheikhupura, however, the rape attempt was foiled after police reached the incident site.