MQM’s hue and cry over killing of Hasnain Bukhari’s murderers is incomprehensible: Rangers spokesman

11 Sep, 2015 5:29 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s hue and cry over the killing of the killers of Legal Aid Committee member Hasnain Bukhari is beyond understanding, said Col Tahir, a spokesman for the Rangers.

He said that propaganda of extrajudicial killing of four MQM workers is misleading. “These people had been sent to safe houses on the will of the party,” he disclosed.

He said that these terrorists had been concealed at the behest of party high-ups. “The MQM had earlier concealed Waqas Shah in interior Sindh,” he said.

The spokesman said that Rangers would continue the operation till elimination of the last target killer, their facilitator, head and financer.

He said that all the deceased part of a target-killing team. “Zohaib Bholo had killed Hasnain Bukhari. Kashif Mechanic killed an unknown car-rider. Shahid Chitta was involved in Chakra tragedy and murder 28 people, including three policemen. Aqeel was involved in the murder of seven people,” he said.

He warned that stern action would be taken if an attempt was made to observe a strike over the killing of target killers.

The spokesman said that it would be intolerable if someone forcibly tried to close shops or transport.

He asked the masses to reject the ‘mourning day’ announced by the MQM.

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