Mustafa Kamal names his party as ‘Pak Sar Zameen Party’

23 Mar, 2016 5:36 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – Mustafa Kamal has announced to name his party as ‘Pak Sar Zameen Party’.

Addressing a ceremony held in connection with the Pakistan Day, he said that they had not come to snatch the position and power of anyone.

“We have come to unite, not to disintegrate,” he said.

Mustafa Kamal said that the colourful flags are the bone of contention.

“The believer of a flag becomes the enemy of another person believing in another flag. For this reason, we are not making a flag,” he said. “Our recognition should only be Pakistani.”

He urged the workers to consider the people accepting the Pakistan flag as their loved ones and hug political opponents.

He said that his party would serve the people. “The country is in such condition that even angels cannot run.”

The party leaders and workers congratulated Mustafa Kamal on the establishment of Pak Sar Zameen Party.

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