NAB arrests PPP’s Shaukatullah Bangash over fraud allegations

09 Aug, 2015 6:49 pm

LAHORE (92 News) – Following the arrest of Qasim Zia, the National Accountability Bureau has detained Shaukatullah Bangash, son of Pakistan People’s Party leader Saifullah Bangash on Sunday.

According to the Punjab NAB, Shaukatullah Bangash was accused of fraud of Rs 50.25 million.

The accused Shaukatullah had illegally sold Qasr-e-Zoq Banquet Hall in Liberty Market.

The NAB said that the interrogation of the accused was under process.

Shaukatullah Bangash is the second leader of the PPP, who was arrested in the past two days following the arrest of former Punjab opposition leader Qasim Zia accused of embezzlement of billions of rupees.

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