Nawaz again lambasts political opponents, institutions

16 Jan, 2018 3:01 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday again while lambasting on his political opponents and the institutions said that what was the aim of the anti-government movement when only four months were left for the government to complete its tenure.

Talking to media outside the Judicial Complex after appearing before the accountability court, he criticized his political opponents planning protests this week against his party’s rule in Punjab.

“I cannot understand the motives of this protest. These parties should wait for elections and people will decide whom they like to elect,” he added.

The former PM asked them to wait for another four months when general elections are due to be held.

Commenting on NAB references against him Nawaz Sharif said that the media and whole the nation is witnessing this case as it carries no weight or concrete evidence.

To explain further, he quoted the example of a movie that had gone well during first week but in the second week lost popularity. “This case is like the same movie where during earlier days much hue and cry was made about it. But, with the passage of time it is losing weight. That is why I fail to understand what is actually the case against me.”

Commenting on the Balochistan issue, Nawaz Sharif described dethroning of Balochistan Chief Minister and his government as a joke with democracy and resolved to unearth motives behind this conspiracy.

“It is beyond perception as to why a member of a minority party in the House who secured just few hundred votes was made the Chief Minister. I have convened a meeting that will also be attended by Baloch leaders to probe the matter,” he said.

Dethroning a Chief Minister of a majority party in an engineered manner to bring forth a person whose guarantee money was near to be confiscated, is a joke with nation and democracy, he added. “Balochistan issue is serious and it should be taken seriously. We shall deliberate on the situation at party level.”



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