Nawaz Sharif’s personal physician seeks permission to meet and examine him daily

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15 Jun, 2019 5:58 pm

LAHORE (92 News) – Dr Adnan, personal physician of Nawaz Sharif, has written a letter to the Punjab chief secretary seeking permission to meet and examine the former prime minister daily.

He stated that Nawaz Sharif’s heart, brain and neck are not getting required quantity of blood and oxygen. “As a result, Nawaz Sharif is suffering from irregularity in heartbeat, diabetics and hypertension,” he said.

Dr Adnan said that medical examination of Nawaz Sharif on daily basis is mandatory, which is his basic right.

He said that he daily tries to meet Nawaz Sharif, but his request is turned down. “The constitution ensures dignity, respect and right to live to each citizen under Article 9 and 14,” he stated.

He stated that during his last visit to examine Nawaz, he observed that his health condition with the evident co-morbidities continued to deteriorate with serious risk to his life, for which he required continuous monitoring, regular clinical examination and review.

Dr Adnan stated that Nawaz required constant attention which could not be satisfactorily and sufficiently given in incarceration; therefore, “it is imperative and imminent to consult and review him on a regular basis”.

He said he in the capacity of being his personal physician required a continuous access to him to assess and monitor his health.

On June 8, Dr Adnan took to social media to express his concerns with prescription of drugs by doctors of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

He wrote on his social media handle that Nawaz was having uncontrolled high blood pressure for which he required further work-up, lab tests and ECG.

“PIC advised sublingual meds fearing hypertensive emergency, better to be avoided in an unsupervised jail environment,” he stated, demanding a need for specialised care.

Maryam Nawaz also reacted to Dr Adnan’s tweet, tweeting that Nawaz’s personal physicians “are of the view that emergency medicines prescribed by PIC doctors can cause sudden drop in BP and stroke as he is already on maximum dose”.

“Sublingual administration must not be done without 24/7 monitoring which is not possible in jail. ECG & fresh labs must be done,” Maryam tweeted.

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