Chakki flour being sold at Rs70 per kg in Sindh

Reduction, flour, price, Chakki flour, Rs70 per kg, Sindh
22 Jan, 2020 7:18 pm

KARACHI/LAHORE (92 News) – The government has failed to reduce the flour price across the country as Chakki flour and fine flour are being sold at Rs 70 and Rs65 per kg in Sindh.

In Lahore, the Chakki Owners Association went on a strike for an indefinite period in protest against the cases against them.

They said that their people were being arrested and imposed heavy fines.

The district administration had announced to give five sacks of wheat per ‘chakki’, asking the owners to sell flour at Rs45 per kg. The chakki owners rejected the order and went on strike.

Chakki Owners Association secretary general Abdur Rahman said that revengeful activities being taken against them. He demanded an end to the revengeful activities.

On the other hand, ‘Naanbais’ are demanding an increase in the price of ‘roti’

People battered by the price-hike have demanded an immediate resolution of the problem.

On Tuesday, Chakki owners had announced an Rs2 per kg reduction in the flour price. After the cut in the price, flour will be sold at Rs68 per kg.

The flour mills association said that they had received 22,000 sacks of wheat from the PASSO. The price will be further reduced after improvement in the delivery.

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