Norway’s Aurora writes ‘songs for the scars we get’

27 Nov, 2015 11:30 am

LONDON – The Norwegian singer Aurora cast her spell over a London audience this week with her special brand of electro-pop and deep lyrics, delivered with an angelic voice that has made Katy Perry a fan.

Aurora, 19, is an emerging artist whose debut album is set for release next year, but she already has some serious followers.

Perry, the highest-earning woman in music this year according to Forbes, tweeted back in March that Aurora’s music made her heart flutter, and urged her own fans to “check this angel”.

“It was very kind of her to do that,” Aurora said.

Aurora started writing music at about age 10. She found an old electronic piano in the attic and taught herself to play classical pieces. But she told Reuters that she had not sought out a singing career.

“I never really wanted to sing, or to be on the stage at all,” she said. “I just wanted to write, maybe become a doctor or a physicist or something of that kind.”

She has nevertheless been making waves on the music scene this year. Her single “Runaway” reached 1 million streams in six weeks.

Her songs cover dark and deep topics; one of the tracks from the upcoming album is called “Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)”.

“I was a happy child, but I have had my things and I lost a lot of people and I write a lot about that and how to understand it and accept it,” she said.

“I want my songs to be especially for the people that fight a lot of battles, because I want my music to be a kind of medicine for the scars that we get.”

Her music evolved from writing stories, she said.

“I had a really big imagination as a child. I really enjoyed being alone and playing with my own ideas and thoughts. Writing stories was a way of entertaining myself,” she said.

She started adding stories to her melodies and turned them into quirky songs.

She is a fan of both classical and metal music, but Aurora said her musical heroes are Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen: “I’ve been listening to them since I was four and I still love them.” -Reuters

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