Oil tankers association calls off strike

26 Jul, 2017 3:31 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The Oil Tankers Association has on Wednesday called off strike after successful negotiations with Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and the ministry of petroleum and natural resources.

The delegation of the government was headed by Petroleum Secretary Sikandar Sultan Raja while Chairman of All Pakistan Tankers Association Yousaf Shawani represented the oil tankers.

During the meeting, the oil tankers association agreed to the proposal of maintaining fitness of the lorries being used for the transportation of oil. A committee will also be constituted to review the OGRA’s 2009 rules vis-a-vis fitness of oil tankers.

Spokesperson of OGRA Imran Ghaznvai said that more talks will be held with the oil marketing companies next week.

Matters relating to reviewing freight rate as well as other technical matters will also be discussed.

He said that the OGRA will review its rules and then it will set the timeline for their implementation. Rules regarding the oil marketing companies will be implemented.

Talking to the media, Yousaf Shawani said that the government has assured to address their reservations. He said the oil supply will be started by four pm. However, it will take five to six hours time to fully restore the distribution system.

Earlier, people across the country faced shortage of petrol due to the strike of Oil Tankers Association.

People moved from pillar to post to get petrol, while the petrol pump owners had stopped the sale by erecting tents at the entry points.

The All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association (APOTA) had gone on a strike across the country against collecting double toll tax and abusive behavior of traffic police.

The APOTA representatives had said that the strike is to protest against the safety regulations of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) as well as against the penalties levied by Motorway police.

The association members had decided to not supply oil to fuel stations in protest for an indefinite period. The members of the tanker union asked the government to solve their demands.

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