Pakistan needs to bring stability in its policies, says Iqra Khalid

21 Oct, 2015 3:34 pm

LAHORE (92 News) – Iqra Khalid, the Pakistan based woman who won the seat in the Canadian general elections 2015, has said that the credit of her victory goes to Pakistani community.

Talking to 92 News, she said that the Pakistani community supported her and declared her victory big step towards future. “My family supported me,” she said.

Iqra said Pakistan will have to bring stability in their policies, adding that everything will change by the time.

Iqra Khalid won from her Erin Mills constituency in Mississauga. Khalid was also the youngest candidate for the Liberals participating in the general elections.

The rivals were toe-to-toe all evening in what was considered a stronghold for the Conservatives but the party’s perceived anti-Muslim agenda likely cost it the riding populated by the Muslim community.

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