Pakistan has more options than some people in US realize: Richard Olson

09 Jan, 2018 10:59 pm

WASHINGTON (92 News) – Former US ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson has said that the Trump administration’s attempt at humiliating and penalizing Pakistan is unlikely to work. He added that Pakistan has greater leverage over America than many imagine.

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, he said the Trump administration was unable to understand the geographical and historical significance of this region.

Criticizing Trump’s policy regarding Pakistan, he said that Pakistan has more options than some people in the United States realize.

He further said that America’s betrayal had pushed Pakistan closer to the Afghan Jihadi groups. He said America had fought in Afghanistan for 16 years with help from Pakistan’s land and air space.

Richard Olson warned the Trump’s administration that without Pakistan’s support the condition of American forces in Afghanistan would be like of a big whale trapped in a net. He suggested that the Trump’s administration should revive the negotiation process at diplomatic level.

Richard Olson said that one billion dollar American aid cannot blackmail Pakistan. In fact, the little bit influence that once America had on Pakistan is now declining, he said. The former ambassador said that China increased its aid for Pakistan the moment America had reduced it.

Richard Olson said that in a period of four years he could not force Pakistan to done anything according to America’s will.

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