Pakistani-American community is power of Pakistan: Jackson Lee

21 Dec, 2018 8:30 am

WASHINGTON (92 News) – Congresswoman Jackson Lee said on Friday that the Pak-US ties cannot deter as Pakistani-American community is power of Pakistan.

Speaking at a media interaction held at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX), who has served as Democratic Co-Chair of the Pakistan Caucus since 2007, announced that the Congressional Pakistan Caucus will be reconstituted when the newly elected 116th US Congress takes oath in January next year.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee acknowledged that the US-Pakistan relationship was going through a difficult phase but hoped that the situation would soon improve.

“What Pakistan has as strength is a very strong, productive Pakistani-American community. And, therefore, there is but so low that this relationship can go,” she said.

She noted that even though funds were cut in the House Appropriations Committee, the amendments that came to the floor to make it worse, did not pass.

“When we make individual calls to cabinet officials, they listen. I believe that as long as the door is open — and I certainly encourage that door to be open with the new PM (in Pakistan) — we are not going to close the door on US-Pakistan relations.”

She said she would like to see continued dialogue and engagement with Pakistan.

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