PM asks nation to take benefit from last asset declaration scheme

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30 May, 2019 10:19 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday urged all Pakistanis to take advantage of the last asset declaration scheme.

One per cent tax filers exist in population of 220 million

In an important message to the nation on state-owned Pakistan Television (PTV), he said that only one percent tax filers exist in the population of 220 million which is a very small proportion. As people do not give taxes, government is not in a position to build hospitals, schools and other facilities for people.

Country to only progress when people give their due taxes

The prime minister has said the country will only progress when people give their due taxes. He urged the non-tax filers to avail the asset declaration scheme introduced by the government, under which people can bring their undeclared assets into the mainstream which will help government collect taxes for public welfare.

Imran Khan said tax money will be spent on people and the country.

After June 30 no opportunity for any other amnesty

PM Khan said the scheme will continue by 30th of next month and after that there will not be opportunity for any other amnesty. He said the tax collecting agencies have already gained access to information regarding the undeclared assets of the people, and more information is also being received.

He said that was why the government brought a scheme for citizens to declare their benami assets. “This is the easiest scheme, which is valid until June 30. This is a chance for you to declare whichever benami properties or bank accounts you have,” the prime minister said. “You won’t get this chance after June 30.”

Tax authorities receiving undeclared assets of Pakistani in abroad

Imran Khan said the tax authorities were receiving bulk of information on citizens with undeclared assets in the country of abroad. “The institutions have access to all information and they are receiving more information every day. Pakistanis’ bank accounts and assets abroad and within the country, institutions are getting all this information,” he said.

Noone will trouble after declaring assets, says PM

“You won’t be worried as to some institution might trouble you, once your assets are declared. This is good for all,” he said further. He said if the people declared their undeclared assets, then this would also be good for the country too, which was currently facing an economic slowdown.

“The most important thing, this would also steer the country out of this difficult phase,” he concluded. “And I guarantee you that the money collected from your taxes would be spent on you and this country,” Khan assured.

PM assures money will not be stolen

The premier assured that this money will not be stolen as he will himself look after it. He said people can also sleep with peace after declaring their undisclosed income. This step will also help government coming out of its difficult economic phase.

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