PM directs to abolish around 150 licences required for business activities

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20 Jan, 2020 8:27 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has directed to abolish around one hundred and fifty licences required for various business activities at the local level.

Chairing a meeting on licensing regime in the provinces in Islamabad today, he also directed the provincial governments to eliminate seventy four different licenses of this nature.

Imran Khan directed to simplify the process for necessary licences and introduction of automated system by employing modern technology.

The Prime Minister expressed concern on complex licensing regime and said the requirement of licences for the businesses of grocery, cloth and bakery is equal to creating difficulties for the common man.

He also emphasized to complete the process of eliminating unnecessary licences in thirty days.

PM directs to wave off unnecessary taxes on small shopkeepers

Imran Khan has directed to wave off unnecessary taxes on small shopkeepers and to not put them in undue trouble. The premier held consultations with the chief ministers and the Pakistan Board of Investment while taking notice of the taxes that are collected in the name of inspection and unneeded certification.

Imran Khan ordered to remove taxes on 15 small businesses and directed the provincial chiefs to instruct the Local Government Commission that the regime cannot allow harassing the traders in the name of unnecessary certification.

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