English Romantic poet William Blake reinvented with hip-hop

31 Mar, 2016 6:54 pm

NEW YORK – The English Romantic poet William Blake is being celebrated in modern style through hip-hop, rapping and beatboxing.

The rapper and beatboxer, Testament, has combined the poetry of Blake with his love of UK hip-hop in the show “Blake Remixed”.

Whilst the hip-hop artist is now performing Blake’s work he recalls that he wasn’t a fan of the writer’s poetry at school.

Testament has also noticed the show has drawn in audiences from a wide age range, with people young and old sending him letters praising the project.

Testament worked on the show with a renowned “scratcher”, DJ Woody, who uses groundbreaking mixing techniques.

“Blake Remixed” has been performed at well-known venues including the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds and continues to be shown at theaters across the UK. –Reuters

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