Preparations complete for tomorrow’s Local Bodies election in Cantonment Boards

24 Apr, 2015 10:01 am

(ISLAMABAD) 92 News – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) finalized the plan for tomorrow’s (Saturday) local government election in cantonments.

Earlier, the ECP decided to deploy the army during the local bodies elections in cantonment boards. Ballot papers will also be transported under the supervision of the army. It also issued a code of conduct for the candidates to practice during their campaigns:

(1) No radio or television channel shall broadcast/telecast or print media shall publish anything that adversely affects the public opinion against a particular political party or a candidate.

(2) The print and electronic media shall refrain from disseminating any information about a political party or a candidate which is not supported by cogent evidence about any election related activity. Due care shall also be exercised by them to ascertain veracity of any information or news relating to a political party or a candidate before its telecast, broadcast or publishing.

(3) The print and electronic media shall broadcast, telecast or publish only authentic election results officially issued by the presiding officer, returning officer or the Election Commission.

(4) Any remarks about personal life of any candidate shall be avoided in print and electronic media.

(5) All political parties and candidates shall be provided balanced coverage time on National Radio/TV channels during their election campaign.

(6) The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) will monitor the coverage given to political parties and candidates for their election campaigns through public/private Radio/TV channels and for that purpose will obtain the transmission certificates, details of payments made by the political parties and candidates and copies thereof shall be forwarded to the Election Commission.

(7) The PEMRA shall ensure the compliance of this code by each and every Radio/TV channel.

(8) Representatives of print and electronic media must obtain Accreditation Card from the Election Commission or its authorized officer for observation of polling process and if a serious violation is found to have been committed, the concerned representative may have his/her accreditation withdrawn. The authority to determine whether any violation has occurred or not rests with the Election Commission of Pakistan.

(9) Representatives of print and electronic media must not obstruct any element of the election process and must display their identification provided by the Election Commission whenever required by the Presiding or Returning Officer.

(10) If a candidate makes an allegation against another candidate, the media as far as possible should seek comment from both sides before publishing or broadcasting/ telecasting such allegation.

(11) Wild allegations and statements which may harm national solidarity or may create law and order situation shall be strictly avoided.

(12) The print and electronic media shall not use language in reporting events which may incite violence on any grounds, including race, sex, language, religion.

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