President urges Muslim world to gain self-sufficiency in modern science

10 Sep, 2017 2:58 pm

ASTANA (92 News) – President Mamnoon Hussain has on Sunday urged the Muslim world to gain self-sufficiency in all fields of modern science which could put it back on track of progress and prosperity.

Addressing the two-day OIC-Summit on Science and Technology which began in Kazakhstan capital Astana on Sunday, he said that rapid changes are occurring in the fields of science and technology on innovations basis.

The President stressed the need for enhanced focus of Muslim world to improve the agricultural production and develop agricultural technology sector, adding, “with solid foundations of education and skilled healthy manpower, it will be possible to focus on higher education and research in emerging areas of science and technology”.

Mamnoon Hussain went on to say that unity among the Muslims is imperative for development, prosperity and a safe future for the new generation.

“We as a Muslim Community have failed to pay attention to education sector for the last several centuries, adding that it is very crucial for the Muslim world to be self-sufficient in political and socio-economic sector to revive the golden era of education,” he said.

President Mamnoon said despite immense economic development, humanity still needed a messiah to mitigate its sufferings and believed that this noble cause could only be achieved by pursuing developing goals without giving up the moral values.

Earlier, President Mamnoon Hussain and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said that Afghan issue could not be resolved without Pakistan and called for recognition of country’s efforts for peace and against terrorism.

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