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Previous nations perished due to separate law for rich, poor: PM

Previous nations perished due to separate law for rich, poor: PM
May 27, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said that the previous nations perished because there was a separate law for the rich and the poor.

The prime minister said while virtually delivering a keynote address at the International Conference on Civilizational values in the Prophet (PBUH) Seerah organized by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization at Rabat, Morocco.

Imran Khan urged the Muslim countries to follow the basic principles of State of Madina, the foundation of which was laid by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Salla Allahu Allaihe Wa Aaalhee Wasalan Khatam-un-Nabiyeen, to rise again in the world.

Quoting Philosopher Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the premier said whenever in history the Muslims have risen up, they have gone back to the old principles embedded in the State of Madina. He said the very principles of this state were based on rule of law, meritocracy and compassion.

PM Khan said our Holy Prophet set up the first welfare state in the history of mankind where the state took responsibility of the weak segments of the society including the poor, the orphans, the widows and the elderly people. He said this unique state also brought the powerful under the law. "Countries that followed these principles ," he added.

Imran Khan noted that this is the main thing which distinguishes between the civilized and banana states. Alluding to China, the prime minister said this rising power took out over seven hundred million people out of poverty in thirty years besides bringing ministerial level people under the law. He said this is the basis of a society which emerges and ascends.