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PTI couldn’t answer to my questions about corruption: Bilawal Bhutto

PTI couldn’t answer to my questions about corruption: Bilawal Bhutto
July 15, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto has said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) could not answer to his questions about corruption. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, he said that Imran Khan and his front men are defending the corruption of K-Electric. “Corruption was also committed in the BRT project,” he added. The PPP chairman said that the PTI had not given the answer to corruption of Aleema Khan. “With Imran Khan as prime minister the country will go from crisis to crisis and its very stability is at stake. Indeed the two cannot go together any longer. It is imperative that the selected prime minister should quit himself,” he said. He advised party workers to observe social distancing for not only combating coronavirus but also as a rehearsal to launch a movement against the government when he would give a call for it at appropriate time. Bilawal Bhutto said that whether it is the sugar and flour crisis, Malam Jabba, the billion-tree farce, the foreign funding case or the oil pricing, corruption of the regime floats on the surface of record for everyone to see. “The Auditor General of Pakistan has documented corruption and irregularities worth Rs 270 billion in its first year in power of the selected prime minister,” he added. He said that it is a matter of record that Pakistan’s growth was never negative even during the worst crisis of 1971 when the country was dismembered. “Today because of the incompetence and corruption of the regime Pakistan is faced with negative growth. People have been thrown out of jobs, unemployment is increasing by the day and people are committing economic suicides,” he maintained.