Qandeel Baloch murder case: Suspects reveal murder was planned abroad

28 Jul, 2016 3:23 pm

MULTAN (92 News) – The prime suspects in Qadeel Baloch murder Waseem and Haq Nawaz have on Thursday revealed that the murder was planned by the brother of social media sensation residing in Saudi Arabia.

Sources said that the accused Waseem and Haq Nawaz disclosed during the interrogation that the murder was planned abroad and the brother of Qandeel namely Arif lured Haq Nawaz to support Waseem.

The accused also confessed that five persons were together at the time of the incident.

The mother of a Pakistani celebrity murdered in an “honour” killing had said her son strangled his sister after being taunted by his friends over her behaviour.

The death earlier this month of the model and singer Qandeel Baloch, who shot to fame for her provocative selfies and videos in the conservative Muslim country, shone a spotlight on such killings and re-ignited calls for legislative action to curb the crime.

“He killed my daughter after being taunted by his friends. They would infuriate him and tell him she is bringing you dishonour,” she said, surrounded by her husband as well as an adult son and daughter.
The desperately poor family, who live in a three-room house with mud for flooring, said they depended on Baloch financially and did not know how they would cope without her. Baloch supported around a dozen relatives.

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