Real heroes have sacrificed lives for democracy, says PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari

15 Sep, 2015 3:15 pm

DUBAI (92 News) – Former president and Pakistan People’s Party co-chairman Asif Zardari said that democracy required that all institutions should work within their constitutional limits.

In his message on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, the PPP co-chairman said that only those who sacrificed their lives for the democracy are the real heroes, adding that the love and sacrifices of politicians for the sake of country and democracy is everlasting.

Zardari said that late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto had also sacrificed her life for the sake of democracy, adding that no dictator can take the country on the path of development.

“Democracy required that free and fair elections should be held and rule of law could only be met with the framework of the law,” he said.

He said that transparent accountability must be same for everyone, adding that self accountability is the necessary for people from all segments.

The PPP co-chairman said that the enemies of democracy have deprived the people of their rights in the past by targeting provincial autonomy, adding that no one has the right to cross the limits of constitution under corruption.

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