Red Bull’s Ricciardo starts Australian Grand Prix from pit-lane

26 Mar, 2017 11:35 am

SYDNEY – Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo started the Australian Grand Prix from the pit-lane after his car suffered a problem and failed to line up on the grid.

The Australian, who had his gearbox changed after a crash during qualifying, rolled out of the garage but his car came to a halt while lapping the Albert Park circuit on the way to the grid.

“Engine is still running but I’m still stuck in gear,” Ricciardo said on the team radio.

He was unable to get his car moving again and after a few minutes, exited the track in frustration.

Formula One Tweeted that he was out of the race but then updated their feed to say the Australian would start from pit-lane if the problem could be fixed.

The race started, with Red Bull technicians frantically working on his car.

Ricciardo then joined the race from pit-lane, raising cheers from local fans.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton started the race on pole. –Reuters

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