River Indus in high-level flood at Hyderabad

10 Aug, 2015 1:42 pm

HYDERABAD (92 News) – River Indus experienced high-flood near the Hyderabad region on Monday with at least 511954 cusecs water flow from the point causing at least 30,000 villages to be submerged near the Budhapur region.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Tarbela and Kala Bagh are seeing low-level floods with at least 312,800 cusecs and 362,139 cusecs water flow. Moderate-level flood has been reported at Chashma with water flow of 433,997 cusecs. Khanki and Qadirabad in River Chenab are seeing low-level floods with 124,385 cusecs and 102,572 cusecs water flow.

However, water levels at different points in River Jhelum, River Ravi and River Sutlej are normal. Bain Nullah is seeing moderate-level flood with water flow of at least 3,015 cusecs. Water flow in Nullah Palkhu is 2,190 cusecs.

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