SC calls anti-graft body to probe appointment of PSO MD

14 Jul, 2018 3:55 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The Supreme Court on Saturday summoned to the anti-graft body to probe into the appointment of Managing Director (MD) of Pakistan State Oil Imranul Haque

A bench of Supreme Court headed by the chief justice heard suo moto case regarding petroleum prices and the imposition of additional taxes. Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan submitted a report regarding the quality and import of petroleum products.

During the hearing, the chief justice asked the PSO MD that have the PSO received any budget from the federal government. To reply, he said that no budget has been allocated for the PSO, saying that the PSO earns total revenue more than 18 billion but its expenditure are 10 to 12 billion.

The CJP then ordered the National Accountability Burea (NAB) to also apprise the court about the probe into Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Observing the irregularities in the government’s operations, the top judge remarked that it was the way of the state to set up private companies and hire people of their choice to benefit them.

In a dialogue with the PSO MD, the chief justice said, “Why should you not be suspended?” “When and on whose suggestion were you appointed?” Justice Nisar asked the PSO MD. The latter then responded that he was appointed in 2015 on the suggestion of the then-prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

“Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had appointed me on the suggestion of the committee,” he informed the court, adding that he was selected from the six candidates finalised by the then-government.

PSO MD said that OGDC head is taking Rs4.4 million, to reply the top judge remarked that they all are looting the money of the country collected by the tax of common people. He also mentioned that nothing has been done wrong with you, this is a big scandal of the country.

In response to the PSO MD’s statement, the chief justice remarked that Haque had no prior experience of the petroleum sector. “Let’s ask a national agency to probe into your appointment,” Justice Nisar remarked. He further suggested that the auditor general should conduct PSO’s audit.

“What is this disorder in the country to waste tax revenues?” the chief justice said. “How can a Grade 22 employee drawing between Rs0.2-0.25 million be appointed as the MD on a salary of Rs0.4 million.”

Haque then responded to the top judge that when he took charge of the state state-owned petroleum corporation, PSO’s profit was Rs 6 billion. “I drove up the company’s profit up to Rs 18 billion,” he apprised the court. After ordering the anti-graft body to probe into Haque’s appointment.

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