Senate passes resolutions against blasphemous cartoon exhibition, Sabeen Mehmud’s murder

06 May, 2015 3:44 pm

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed resolutions condemning American exhibition of blasphemous cartoons of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

According to reports, the Senate session began under the chairmanship of Raza Rabbani. The house said that insulting cartoons falls under the category of hate crime. Europe and America have double standards regarding free speech. “This House condemns such cartoons and their publication,” the resolution said. “Such an act has hurt the feelings of Muslims all over the world.”

The House debated over bringing attention to the killing of activist Sabeen Mehmood. Senator Farhatullah said that the central government is answerable for Sabeen’s murder, whereas fingers are pointing towards intelligence agencies.

“Such legislation which brings intelligence agencies’ activities with the sphere of law,” he said. “No commission till date has published its reports, let alone action being carried out in light of such reports once they do get published.”

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