Senator Maulana Attaur Rahman meets Kh Attaullah in Taunsa Sharif

26 Dec, 2017 9:30 pm

TAUNSA SHARIF (92 News) – Senator Maulana Attaur Rahman called on Mushaikh Azzam president Khawaja Attaullah in Taunsa Sharif on Tuesday.

He conveyed an important message of the government to Khawaja Attaullah. However, the move does not seem to be successful.

Speaking on the occasion, Khawaja Attaullah said that the rulers will soon see the difference between the deadline given by the Mushaikh Azzam and the deadline given by others.

On the other hand, Sahibzada Hamid Raza said that the Lahore call given by Khawaja Hameeduddin Sialvi will be decisive.

“We will change the style of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat conferences after the expiry of the Dec 31 deadline,” he announced.

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