Series of bombs in China kills at least three

30 Sep, 2015 5:37 pm

BEIJING – A series of package bombs exploded on Wednesday in China’s southwestern city of Liuzhou, killing at least three people, state television said, publishing images of a collapsed building, a plume of smoke and streets strewn with rubble.

Police did not say who they considered responsible for the attacks in Guangxi province that injured at least 13 people, said China Central Television (CCTV), which posted photographs of the devastation on its microblog.

Thirteen places received the package bombs, from hospitals and shopping malls to prisons, transport stations and town government offices, state radio said in an online report.

In recent years, China has grappled with a spate of violent knife and bomb attacks targeting markets and train stations, particularly in the country’s west.

Explosives are relatively easy to come by, as they find wide use in China’s large mining industry. –Reuters

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