Seven-year-old girl hit by stray bullet passes away in Karachi

30 Sep, 2018 6:07 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – A seven-year-old girl, Aqsa who was hit by a stray bullet in Karachi, passed away on Sunday.

Aqsa was hit by stray bullet on Friday playground during the assembly in Saeedabad’s school. She was taken to Karachi Civil Hospital and then referred to NICH.

The police lodged a case against unidentified persons but have yet to find out who fired the bullet. No arrest has been made reported. Her parents are beside themselves because they thought Aqsa’s condition was improving.

Recently, another young girl was killed by a stray bullet in Karachi. Ten-year-old Amal Umer was killed on August 13 in the crossfire between police and two robbers soon after they robbed her family in Karachi’s Akhtar Colony. The bullet that hit her was fired by a policeman.



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