Shahid Afridi apologizes to Miandad

09 Oct, 2016 10:24 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – After an exchange of hot words between Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad, Afridi in his tweet apologized to senior cricketer Miandad for his words.

“I regret what I said to a senior but of course I had to eventually react to his behavior,” Afridi said in his tweet.

“Javed Miandad is legend of cricket but he used very harsh words on TV for long time. He made personal attack on me for no reason. I tolerated for long time but every person has a limit, sad that Javed Miandad was making personal attacks for long time” he added.

Afridi had earlier criticized Miandad, saying Miandad is always hungry for money.

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