Sindh Assembly passes Criminal Prosecution Services Amendment Bill 2015

15 Jan, 2016 7:29 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – The Sindh Assembly on Friday passed the Criminal Prosecution Services Amendment Bill 2015 with a majority.

The clause No 3 of the Bill has been amended under which a public prosecutor will be appointed in each district.

According to the amendment to the clause No 4, the prosecutor general of the district will be responsible for the investigation of the cases.

Moreover, the clauses No 3-11 have been amended.

Under the amended bill, the government can withdraw any case and at any time.

The prosecutor general or district prosecutor will ask the court in writing that the state does not want to pursue the case. The prosecutor general has been authorized to give a timeframe for the investigation of any case.

He/She can also seek written evidence against any accused from any law-enforcement agency.

The prosecutor general can also penalize institutions not completing investigations in the time limit.

Only the court can take notice of authority to withdraw the case and no law-enforcement agency can do it.

It is the first time that the bill has been passed with introduction. It will benefit Dr Asim Hussain arrested for corruption.


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