Imam-e-Ka’aba Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi says no room for terrorism, violence in Islam

24 Apr, 2015 3:04 pm

LAHORE (92 News) – Imam-e-Ka’aba Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi has said that Islam is the religion of peace and mercy.

Delivering the Friday sermon in a grand mosque in Lahore, he said that there is no compulsion in religion. “Islam is a clear and vast religion. It advises us to be patient. It gives us the lesson of kindness and the best conduct. It does not allow anyone to be jealous of another person,” he said. “We should forgive each other for the sake of Allah.”

The Imam said that some people are defacing identity of Islam through violence. “There is no room for terrorism and violence in Islam. A true Muslim is never prejudiced. We should abstain from division by holding the rope of Allah. The Holy Quran mentions the victory of Truth and obliteration of Falsehood,” he said.

He said that Ulema and ‘Aulia’ played an important role in disseminating Islam. “There is blessing of Allah Almighty on the knowledge-seeker.”

Imam-e-Ka’aba Khalid Al Ghamdi urged Ulema to strive for the system of justice. “Islam has given the best rights to minorities. Islam prohibits the murder of women and children even during a war.”

He said that people belonging to all religions lead a peaceful life in an Islamic state.

The Imam urged the people to get guidance from the Holy Quran and Sunnah in all affairs, including politics and economy.

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