Son tricks mom to accept his kidney

07 Jan, 2016 4:09 pm

LANCASHIRE (92 News) – A man ‘tricked’ his mum into accepting his kidney by telling her he would sell it online unless she agreed to using it for a transplant.

Imran Najeeb knew he was telling his mum an outrageous lie but was doing it in good faith, knowing it was the only way he could convince her to accept one of his kidneys.

Both son and mother were trying to be selfless – he by offering a kidney and she by declining as she didn’t want to put him at risk. But Imran was so determined to help mum Zainab Begum, he was prepared to lie to her about selling his kidney.

And his tactic worked as even though his mum had protested she didn’t want his kidney, when faced with the news he was willing to sell it to a stranger, she exclaimed: “Why would you sell your kidney to a complete stranger when you could give it to me?”

Imran, now 34, who lives in Blackburn, had been in contact with Royal Preston Hospital’s transplant recipient coordinator Fiona Biggins for some time about his desperation to donate his kidney to his mum. But he needed her to agree before he could donate.

Imran, a senior adviser at Skipton Building Society on Fishergate, Preston, for eight years and now branch manager at Bury, explains: “She is my mum and I wanted to help her. As soon as I realized she needed a transplant, I offered to give her one of my kidneys.

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