Former SSP to be dismissed for not following verbal orders

18 Mar, 2015 3:47 pm

ISLAMABAD: The police officer who refused to follow verbal orders of using force against PTI and PAT protesters in Islamabad last year in August, former Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Muhammad Ali Nekokara is being dismissed from service, 92 News reported on Wednesday.

On completion of the investigation, inquiry officer Foreign Secretary Aitzaz Chaudhary held the former SSP guilty and recommended his dismissal from service. The final report has been forwarded to Establishment Division for carrying out its recommendations.

While talking to 92 News, Ali Nekokara  revealed that on the eve of August 31 Interior Secretary Shahid Khan orally told him to surround and use decisive force against the protesters and disperse them as they were few in number. “In response, I stated that another Model Town tragedy could be in offing in case the orders are carried out,” Ali said.

“The verdict is biased and I will appeal against it in the services tribunal and superior courts,” he said.

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