Stallone memorabilia sells for $3 million

26 Dec, 2015 3:35 pm

LOS ANGELES – Memorabilia from Sylvester Stallone’s top films has sold for just over $3 million (USD) at auction.

Fans were able to bid at Heritage Auctions in Los Angeles and online, on hundreds of much coveted items from Sylvester classics such as ‘Rocky’, ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Expendables’.

Heritage Auctions consignment director Mike Gutierrez explains that “Mr. Stallone has had this material in storage for 30-40 years, some of it. And he decided at some point, why do I have all of this hidden away, packaged and crated. I should be sharing this with the public and the fans and collectors. So, that’s what he decided to do.”

Stallone himself opened the auction, which saw his famous black leather jacket from ‘Rocky’ sell for $149,000, the highest bid for an individual item in the sale. Props and costumes from Stallone’s Rambo film ‘First Blood’ proved especially popular with bidders, with the canvas poncho he wore out in the wilderness playing John Rambo fetching $60,000.

Gutierrez pointed out some of the auctions highlights. “This is actually a 13 cent notebook that he (Stallone) wrote the original “Rocky” treatment, where he created characters, some dialogue and some scenes that he used subsequently in the screenplay.” “We’ve also got the gloves and the championship belt that he wore in “Rocky II”, when he actually wins the championship and they are significantly important to the Rocky theme.

And two of the best pieces in the auction, for sure.” Other items popular with fans include fake blood stained white and red striped satin boxing trunks from ‘Rocky IV’ from the Italian Stallion’s match against boxer Ivan Drago that went for $57,500.

The red satin boxing jacket emblazoned with a yellow hammer and sickle on the back, alongside matching shorts and red and yellow leather boxing shoes worn by Drago actor, Dolph Lundgren, went for $45,000.

The auction was held across three days between 18-20 December at Heritage Auctions in Los Angeles. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated by Stallone to several charities; including one that helps wounded military veterans and serviceman, the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital. –Reuters

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