Stewart, Holt team up for science fiction drama ‘Equals’

08 Jul, 2016 7:15 pm

LOS ANGELES – “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart and “X-Men” actor Nicholas Hoult team up for science-fiction film “Equals”, a drama looking to a future where humans are genetically modified so as to not feel emotions and those who begin to do so are persecuted.

The movie premiered on the festival circuit in both Venice and Toronto last year, and its U.S. premiere was held in Los Angeles on Thursday. One of the biggest issues facing both Hoult and Stewart was carrying out a love story in which the actors can only show a minimum of emotion.

“We spent a few days in a hotel room doing these…trust and acting exercises,” Hoult said. “It’s weird, you don’t often stare into people’s eyes that long and when you do…you really quickly start to pick up on micro-expressions or whatever they give off and feelings perhaps and you just link up in a way.”

“Equals”, already been released online through DirecTV Cinema, will have a limited theatrical run in the United States. –Reuters

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