Sun to align directly over Kaaba today

Kaaba Sun saudi arabia Pakistan Pakistan Standard Time Makkah Grand Mosque
15 Jul, 2020 11:10 am

RIYADH (92 News) – The Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia will be illuminated by the sun directly over at 12:26pm at Makkah and 2:26pm Pakistan Standard Time.

According to details, Muslims across the globe to determine the direction of the Qibla by seeing the sun at that moment.

The faithful can fix the direction of Qibla by facing the sun during this time when Kaaba’s structure will also have no shadow. Astronomers say the sun hovers exactly over the Kaaba twice a year on May 27 and July 15.

The celestial phenomenon helps to determine the direction of the Holy Kaaba for prayers. It occurs because of the location of the Grand Mosque in Makkah between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, the astronomers said.

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