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Israeli 5G %G mobile tender frequencies tender two weeks

Israeli regulator delays 5G mobile tender by two weeks

11 November, 2019 5:22 pm 5:22 pm

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli telecoms regulator on Sunday delayed a tender for fifth-generation (5G) cellular frequencies after mobile companies asked for more time. The Communications Ministry in July published the tender in the hope that discounts to cash-strapped mobile phone operators battling fierce competition would entice bids. The tender was scheduled to take place on … Read More

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German minister casts doubt on Huawei participation in 5G build-out

11 November, 2019 8:39 am 8:39 am

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Monday cast doubt on whether Chinese telecom equipment vendor Huawei Technologies could participate in the development and construction of the country’s fifth-generation data network (5G). Maas told reporters in Berlin that Huawei was a company dependent on the Chinese state due to its national security laws, … Read More

China’s Xiaomi says plans to launch more than 10 5G phones next year

10 October, 2019 4:02 pm 4:02 pm

WUZHEN (Reuters) – Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp plans to launch more than 10 5G phones in 2020, CEO Lei Jun said on Sunday, speaking at the World Internet conference in the eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen. Lei’s remarks come as the company faces intense competition in its home market from rival Huawei Technologies. Last … Read More

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Huawei in early talks with US firms to license 5G platform – Huawei e...

10 October, 2019 8:06 am 8:06 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Blacklisted Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei is in early-stage talks with some US telecoms companies about licensing its 5G network technology to them, a Huawei executive said. Vincent Pang, senior vice president and board director at the company said some firms had expressed interest in both a long-term deal or a one-off … Read More

German security rulebook 5G door open Huawei

German security rulebook to keep 5G door open to Huawei

10 October, 2019 2:25 pm 2:25 pm

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – A new German security rulebook will not exclude Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei Technologies from supplying gear for the country’s 5G mobile networks, a senior government source said on Monday. The ‘security catalogue’, due to be published this week, will confirm Germany’s decision to keep a level playing field for suppliers to … Read More


Russia rolls out the red carpet for Huawei that is banned in US

09 September, 2019 3:58 am 3:58 am

MOSCOW – While the US banned Huawei for alleged espionage and asked its allies to do the same, Moscow has rolled out the red carpet for the Chinese tech company, letting it develop 5G networks in Russia. Analysts say the move is as much a show of solidarity with Beijing against the US as it … Read More

Huawei 5G Huawei launches smartest 5g phone

Huawei launches smartest 5G phone, but who will buy?

09 September, 2019 10:23 am 10:23 am

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Huawei launches what could be the world’s most powerful and feature-packed 5G smartphone on Thursday, but the fate of the device in Europe will hang on whether it can overcome a US ban to give customers the Google software they expect. The Chinese telecoms giant will showcase its Mate 30 range in … Read More

Huawei 5G 5G Coomunication hardware Worls's first

China issues 5G licences in timely boost for Huawei

06 June, 2019 12:16 pm 12:16 pm

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China granted 5G licences to the country’s three major telecom operators and China Broadcasting Network Corp on Thursday, giving the go-ahead for full commercial deployment of the next-generation cellular network technology. The approvals will trigger investment in the telecommunications sector which will benefit top vendors such as Huawei Technologies, just as the … Read More

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Huawei shipments could fall by up to a quarter this year: analysts

05 May, 2019 9:59 am 9:59 am

HONG KONG/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s Huawei, hit by crippling US sanctions, could see shipments decline by as much as a quarter this year and faces the possibility that its smartphones will disappear from international markets, analysts said. Smartphone shipments at Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker by volume, could tumble between 4% and 24% in … Read More

Huawei 5G 5G Coomunication hardware Worls's first

Huawei says launches world’s first 5G communications hardware for aut...

04 April, 2019 6:50 pm 6:50 pm

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Huawei Technologies launched on Monday what it said was the world’s first 5G communications hardware for the automotive industry, in a sign of its growing ambitions to become a key supplier to the sector for self-driving technology. Huawei said in a statement that the so-called MH5000 module is based on the … Read More

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Huawei sees no sales slowdown in Poland

02 February, 2019 11:15 pm 11:15 pm

WARSAW (Reuters) – Chinese telecoms firm Huawei has not seen a slowdown in sales of end-user equipment so far in Poland, the company’s senior standards manager in Europe said on Wednesday. “We don’t see slowdown in sales on Huawei equipment here.. but if the situation continues, at some point it will impact our business as … Read More

Verizon looks to expand 5G home broadband offering

11 November, 2018 5:45 pm 5:45 pm

BARCELONA (Reuters) – Verizon plans to target a broader audience for its new 5G home broadband product following the adoption of global standards for the technology, CFO Matthew Ellis said on Wednesday. The top US wireless carrier has launched 5G home broadband in four cities that provide high-speed connections without having to lay a cable … Read More

United States falling behind China in race to 5G wireless: Deloitte report

08 August, 2018 10:44 am 10:44 am

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The United States is being outspent by China in the race to build the next generation of wireless communication, known as 5G, and it risks losing out on the potential economic benefits, according to a report by consultants Deloitte published on Tuesday. China currently has ten times more sites to support … Read More

FCC announces rules for 5G spectrum auction

08 August, 2018 9:08 am 9:08 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Communications Commission issued rules for bidding on high-band spectrum that will be used to create the next generation of 5G wireless networks. The announcement follows statements by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in Barcelona, Spain in February, that he planned to hold an auction of spectrum in the 28 GHz band … Read More

US reaches deal to keep China’s ZTE in business: congressional aide

05 May, 2018 12:16 pm 12:16 pm

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration told lawmakers the US government has reached a deal to put Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corp back in business after it pays a significant fine and makes management changes, a senior congressional aide said. US President Donald Trump appeared to confirm the deal in a tweet late on Friday. … Read More